Acting Studio Key Information



Thank you for your interest in my acting class. First, a little bit about my background. I’ve made my living in Los Angeles for over 25 years in the entertainment industry and am proud of that accomplishment. I studied with the late Roy London and the still-vibrant Ivana Chubbuck, arguably two of the most prominent acting coaches in Hollywood. I also studied improvisation and character development at The Groundlings and Second City. I performed with the nationally renowned group “ComedySportz.” And I wrote and acted in a one-woman show that was a mixture of written and improvised scenes called “Andi’s Act” that was named Critic’s Choice by the top papers and had a successful run for many months in Hollywood.

So, you might call me a hybrid. When I work with my students, I use a combination of all of those elements – scene study, improvisation, character development – in order to achieve our shared goal: creating a three-dimensional acting performance that comes alive on stage or on film, and is so real and believable you don’t see “the work.”


“The Work”

For lack of a better word, we call it work. But it’s also fun. My workshops and coaching sessions literally fly by because I see my students rediscover why they loved acting in the first place. Our workshop in St. Petersburg is three things: an acting gym, where you will stretch and strengthen your muscles. A laboratory, where you will experiment and try new things without fear of failure. And a playground, where you can just let it go and play. You will also learn an easier approach to script analysis, three-dimensional character development, and stronger choices in scene work. By the end of the session, you will have learned how to fully integrate these elements and start doing seamless work. Agents, casting directors and producers will take notice – there is something richer and fuller about your work and about you.

Better Auditions and a Broader Casting Range

Have you ever been to a callback and left your best work in the lobby? What do you usually get called to audition for? What are you not getting called for – and should be? What is your “character?” Are you stuck in “Under-Five Hell?” As you do this work, you will have a better understanding of your “castability,” and even broaden your range. We will talk about your casting categories and work on those so that you become the best version of You. You will also learn techniques of being your most relaxed and connected at a casting session. You may even start…..loving auditions.


When You Enroll

You will get a confirmation email, with instructions on how to prepare for the first class. As class progresses, we will be discussing your castability and will discuss scenes for you to work on. Your input is important – what scenes do you want to do? What specifically do you want to work on? Start thinking about it now.