Acting Studio Testimonials

“Thank you Andi for always bringing out the best in me…your coaching and direction helped me book a Guest Star role on ‘Under the Dome!'” – Raheem Babalola (UNDER THE DOME, KZK)

“After only the 3rd time taping with Andi, I booked! Not only is Andi is a well informed and accomplished professional, she has a genuinely helpful, comfortable energy you feel from the time you walk in the door….Thanks, Andi! ” – Andrea Crouch (KZK)

“After working with Andi I booked a feature film and a role on a new series…I plan on working with Andi for all my upcoming auditions.” – Karlee Perez

“Andi’s approach brings Hollywood to Tampa Bay. After my first session I got an agent. After my second, I booked a role on ‘The Last Supper’ tv series. Thanks to Andi’s coaching I am at my best and always learning.” – Zachary Vazquez

“As a direct result of the coaching I got from Andi Matheny, I just taped a new TV pilot, ‘Wright vs. Wrong’ starring Debra Messing. Andi really helped me find the beats in the script that allowed me to infuse it with my own unique qualities – in fact, the casting director said so at my callback! Finding Andi is like finding gold – as you work with her you can feel your performance getting better and your confidence soaring. She is so skilled and she really gets results!” – Bridget Sienna, Los Angeles (SEINFELD, ELLEN, The Groundlings)

“My third coaching session with Andi resulted in being cast as Willem Dafoe’s mother in Whiskey Bay. Imagine what opportunities will present after her fall classes…I have asked her to save my place!” – Pat Fisher, (BAD COUNTRY)

“I recently booked a nice role on ‘Army Wives’ after a coaching session with Andi. She understands what casting directors look for and her direction is clear and precise. The bottom line is, she has helped me grow immensely and my bookings and callbacks reflect that. Thanks Andi!” – Gregory Paul, (ARMY WIVES, DROP DEAD DIVA)

“I cannot think of anyone being in better hands, beginner or pro, than Andi’s, to develop their own unique strengths, skills, creativity and confidence.” – Alyson Reed, Tony-nominated actress/director (Cassie in the film version of A CHORUS LINE, currently co-starring as Ms. Darbus in Disney’s HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL series)

“You are a wonderful coach and thanks to you I got a callback on a huge feature film!” – Jaysha Patel, 15

“Andi’s technique is hands down one of the best that I have seen! I recently booked an episode of The Glades after a taping with her. She made me feel comfortable and drew out a side of me that I didn’t know existed. Without her guidance booking the part would not have been possible.”
– Veronica Berry, Actress (ARMY WIVES, THE GLADES, BROKEN CITY)