Andi Matheny House Minute (mp3)


Andi has lent her voice to dozens of radio and television  commercials. Her clients have included Sunkist, Disney, Publix, Taco  Bell, Microsoft, Target, Time Warner, IHOP, Sprint, Sav-On, Vons,  Albertsons, Mitsubishi, Ryders Jeans, Hewlett Packard, 7-Eleven,  Mervyn’s, Corona, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Syquan Casino, Anheuser Busch and  she was recently the voice of the Hilton Hotel television campaign. Andi  also was proud to be the announcer/narrator for the National  Association of Realtors Good Neighbor Awards ceremony.

Andi also enjoys animation voice acting and has been featured in  Baiten Kaitos, Everquest and the animated movie “Believe in Santa.” And  look for her in the upcoming “Guild Wars 2″ as Sara!


Voiceover Representation – William Morris Endeavor
Erik Seastrand (Commercials and Promos) (310) 859-4289

Tim Curtis (Animation)   (310) 859-4112